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Ways to Show Courtesy and Be a Good Neighbor

Posted: July 31, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Kate Spears

Here at Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace, we take pride in being good neighbors in our community. We've been part of the East Tennessee landscape for more than 80 years and being a good neighbor is just part of our culture. September is National Courtesy Month, and Sept. 28th is Good Neighbor Day and we thought this would be a good opportunity to focus on some ways to show courtesy and be a better neighbor all through the year! Here’s a few tips to maximize your daily acts of kindness.

Be Patient-

This might seem simple, but patience goes a long way. Perhaps you're behind someone in line at the supermarket or the bank who is having some trouble taking care of business. Put on a big smile and assure them they should take their time. They’ll appreciate the gesture. If you have to wait in lines, try to stay positive and it will be infectious to those around you. If you really want to make someone’s day, give up your spot to the person behind you.

Use Your Manners-

While you’re going about your day, be sure to say please and thank you, even if you’re dealing with people you’re familiar with. When you make eye contact with someone as you walk past them, be sure to give a warm greeting appropriate to the time of day. Hold doors open for people and give solid handshakes. Manners are one of the first things we're taught as kids, but sometimes as we grow up they tend to fall by the wayside. Don't forget to mind your manners no matter how young or old you might be.

Behind The Wheel-

It's especially important to be courteous while driving. Not only is this a kind way to be, it's also much safer than aggressive, impolite driving. Don’t use your horn in anger. Horns are meant to prevent accidents and warn people, not throw tantrums. Respect the rules of the road. Break (stop), for people at crosswalks and wave to signal you see them. Let other people go ahead of you if you reach a four way stop at the same time. Don’t tailgate. If someone signals a lane change, accommodate them.

And think about your driving in your own neighborhood. Is there a speed limit? Be sure to follow it. Are there signs for children at play or pedestrian crossing? Respect these and make sure to be a good neighbor, for the safety of all your neighbors!

At The Table-

Table manners are something that have sort of gone out the window. Especially with the advent of our mobile tech devices. Consider leaving your phone in your pocket or purse, instead of setting it on the table. Talk and pay attention to your dining companions.

Eat slow and keep it neat. Excuse yourself when you get up. Pull out a chair for someone. Use please and thank you when you ask people to pass you something. Compliment the chef! If you are a guest, offer to help clean up. Again, these might seem like simple tips but sometimes it's the simplest things we are so prone to forgetting.

You’ll find it’s very rewarding to offer a little courtesy to the people you cross paths with. Give it a try!


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